Are you replacing the piston rings and expansion rings?
(keeps your top action crisp)

Are you replacing the port seals?
(keeps your hydraulic line connections from developing leaks)

We specialize in the refurbishing of the Mercedes Benz convertible top hydraulic actuators to like new condition for a fraction of the cost of buying new. We warranty our refurbished actuators against leakage for a period of five full years.

Am I receiving a five year warranty on my rebuilt cylinders?
(only a rebuilder that has replaced all non-metallic parts will have that level of confidence in their work)

Once you've researched the rest, choose the best!

Are you replacing my leaky cup seals with OEM style cup seals?
(some Rebuilders have been know to replace these specialty seals with simple O-rings)
Are you going to return my old seals and piston rings upon request?
(you may only be getting your leaky cup seals replaced and leaving the rest of the 10 to 22 year old seals and piston rings in service if you don't verify their replacement)

Our Mission Statement

Reliable Convertible Hydraulic service with competitive prices and the only five year transferable warranty against leaks

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