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All of our work is warranted for five full years…
Before you choose a rebuilding service based on price alone, make sure you know what you're getting for your money.  Ask the following questions:

  • Are they replacing the piston rings and energizer rings?  (keeps your top action crisp)
  • Are they replacing the port seals?  (keeps your hydraulic line connections from developing leaks)
  •  Are they replacing the leaking cup seals with OEM style cup seals?  (some rebuilders substitute these specialty seals with simple O-rings)
  • Are they going to return my old seals and piston rings upon request?  (you may only be getting your leaky cup seals replaced, leaving the balance of the 10 + year old seals and piston rings in service if you don't verify their replacement)
  • Are you receiving a five year transferable warranty on your rebuilt cylinders?   (only a service that has replaced all non-metallic parts will have that level of confidence in their work)

Once you've researched the rest, choose the best!

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